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Machinery Models

You may have a need for a quick part to prove form and function- well, although you may know that 3d model craft has extensive CNC capability and has always had the ability to produce complex parts and functional prototypes in real materials including abs, peak, polycarbonate, Perspex, nylon, - you can now get simple parts quickly and inexpensively.

Quick and simple CNC parts - just email with your files and receive a fast turnaround quote. For a complete assembly or larger model we will need a bit more time to fully understand your requirements and to make recommendations.

You may require jigs and fixtures, if so we should be able to help you, we also machine in aluminum, anodizing and other surface finishes and heat treatments are available.

Functional prototypes, concept and ergonomic models includingaerospace, medical and automotive.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining takes 3D CAD data (Igs format is preferable) and generates a cutter path using the latest VX Visions software. This allows us to program our NC machines to supply models, components and patterns from PU modelboard, plastics or aluminum. Color and texture can be added, once completed, to produce stunning, visually accurate models to within +/-0.05mm of the design (depending on complexity of the design).


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