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Architectural Models

3d model craft is able to offer its clients a range of advanced additive manufacturing processes to fulfill the most complex model demands.

Additive manufacturing is a term that refers to a range of processes that have emerged during the last 25 years for a host of applications including concept models, functional prototypes, tooling patterns and, more recently, production parts. Other terminology that can be used to describe these processes includes Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printing, Additive Layer Manufacturing, Digital Manufacturing and Freeform Fabrication.

In contrast to traditional prototyping and manufacturing methodologies, additive manufacturing processes build parts layer by layer, at the micron level, to achieve the required shape. This, in turn, has opened up new possibilities in terms of realising more complex shapes — in a single model — eliminating the need for multiple parts and their assembly.

From the earliest origins of the technology, when additive processes were more limited in terms of accuracy, repeatability and material characteristics, ongoing improvements now mean that some of the processes can be utilised to build final production parts. In particular, for low volume, high value applications additive manufacturing can offer a viable and economic alternative to traditional methods of manufacture, which require machining or expensive tools.


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